I would like to begin this chapter with a few sentences…

Everything starts at cell level. It forms, frays, ages and dies. The skin cells have the same cycle too. Collagen and elastin cells, the main cells of the skin, also go through this process called aging. There are also reasons that accelerate the aging and fraying of the skin. Decrease of the main elements in the skin, accumulation of oxidants, improper diet, etc. To fix a problem in the skin, a treatment plan should be made, taking into account each situation and making a correct diagnosis.


In medical aesthetics there are many methods. The question is often asked which method is the best. Yet there are so many devices, products and methods for different skin structures and problems, not to be superior to each other. The important thing here is to find out, through a good examination, which methods will be beneficial for the particular person, depending on the problem. Of course, these are for the devices and products approved by the Ministry of Health Boards.

This means, examination should be performed first, the correct diagnosis should be made and treatment schedule should be created. In order to be our best self in age and maintain this state of well-being, a personal calendar should be created with our trusted doctor to perform applications at specific times.

Medical aesthetic applications are performed for 3 aims.

1. Maintaining wellness before having skin problems.

We can also call it starting to take care of the skin from a young age. This includes cleansing the skin, protecting it from ultraviolet light, proper nutrition, and supporting the skin with medical aesthetic applications when necessary.


2.Eliminating the existing problems and rehabilitating the skin.

If the skin is more frayed and damaged than the usual at your age, it is necessary to eliminate the existing problems and supplement the deficiencies. Here the first step is to consult a doctor who deals with medical aesthetics and make sure that the necessary things are done for the skin as part of a programme.


3.Maintaining continuity.

The duration of the durability of the procedures performed on the skin is the most frequently asked part. These periods vary greatly depending on age, skin structure, lifestyle and environmental factors.

It should not be forgotten that the duration of the effect of a procedure on the skin also depends on the rate of aging of the skin.

It should not be forgotten that the factors that accelerate cell death and prevent regeneration must first be eliminated to be the good of our age.

For a constant state of well-being;

  • A healthy diet should be followed
  • The oxidants accumulated on the skin should be removed
  • The most important substances that are lost to the skin over time should be compensated

Antiaging applications should be made at certain intervals.

For a constant state of well-being;

  • A healthy diet should be followed
  • The oxidants accumulated on the skin should be removed
  • The most important substances that are lost to the skin over time should be compensated
  • Antiaging applications should be made at certain intervals.

Let’s talk about general medical aesthetic applications:


It is necessary to use skin care products to purify the waste products formed at the cellular level, to supply nutrients and supplement the decreasing elements, and to carry out medical skin care at certain intervals according to the condition of the skin.


Botulinum toxin is obtained from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Botulinum toxin exerts its effect by blocking mediators released by nerve endings and temporarily interrupting nerve conduction. The interruption of nerve conduction has effects such as a reduction in the movement of the muscle activated by the nerve or its complete disappearance.
Dynamic lines appear on the skin after mimic movements such as laughter, anger, surprise, and blinking. With the repetition of these mimic movements over the years, the dynamic lines on the skin become permanent and permanent wrinkles appear in these areas. Wrinkles most commonly appear on the forehead, between the eyebrows, in the outer corners of the eyes, and in the laugh lines around the mouth.

Wrinkles appear in varying degrees depending on the person, the habit of facial expression, occupation, duration of sun exposure, skin-muscle structure of the face, age and sex.

The wrinkles on the outer corners of the eyes and on the forehead make the person look older, and the wrinkles between the eyebrows give the person an angry expression. By applying botulinum toxin to the mimic muscles of the face, the movements of these muscles are reduced, and with them the wrinkling of the skin above the muscle caused by the muscle movements. In this way, the facial expression that looks old and angry is significantly improved and the formation of new wrinkles is prevented.


Dermal fillers are biocompatible gel products injectable into the skin that are injected under the skin to eliminate wrinkles, sagging, dips, scars and to shape, and are used to make problematic and deficient areas functional.

Over the years, a decrease in adipose tissue, collagen and elastic fibers in the layers of the skin appears. Wrinkles and sagging occur mainly in the eye area, lips, chin area, nose, nasolabial area and forehead area. Filler injection can be successfully used for sagging and wrinkles in the middle and lower parts of the face. It must be performed by a doctor who has experience in this field. This is because only an experienced doctor can specify where and in what dose the filler should be injected.


It is indispensable for medical aesthetic applications. Because the main cause of skin damage and fraying are the deficiencies. Only when the deficiencies are replaced, improvement occurs.

Mesotherapy is an application that plays an important role in age-related wrinkles on the skin. It involves microinjection treatments that are applied to the skin with the goal of rejuvenating the skin or giving it a better appearance. It is the injection of a cocktail prepared for the specific problem or need into the right layer of the skin using the right techniques.

This method is used to treat fine lines and wrinkles on the back of the hands, face and neck and rejuvenate the skin. Generally, the benefits are more pronounced in people over the age of 35. During the application, the skin rejuvenation cocktail is introduced into the skin in the form of small injections. Mesotherapy application delays skin aging by protecting the skin from the sun's harmful rays. The technique, which also affects the tone and texture of the skin, improves the overall condition of the skin.


It is one of the methods that can be used for problems such as spots and coarsening of the skin as well as pores, and when you want to remove the dead tissue on the skin that has formed over time.

First of all, a good examination is essential. It is not enough to know and apply only these methods. It should also be determined if there is active inflammation and if a medication should be used beforehand. Otherwise, undesirable and worse results may occur if operations are performed in some situations where it is not right to treat.


When damage occurs in our body, it is the platelets that first go to the area and initiate the cellular repair mechanism. Plasma applications are a technique that mimics the body's healing mechanism.

The number of platelets is increased and separated using special kits. While controlled damage is created on the skin using various methods such as derma roller, derma pen, needle, the processed plasma is applied to the skin.

By activating new cells, the elasticity of the skin can be restored.


In all skin regeneration systems, the mechanism is based on creating damage to the skin and activating the body's self-healing mechanisms against this damage.

The golden needle allows the destruction healing mechanism to work effectively. It has 25 or 64 gold needles at its tip. It emits radio frequency energy after touching the skin at the tip of the needle and along the needle line. After certain depth and energy settings depending on the skin thickness and problem, the entire skin or problem area is treated. Considering that the entire face is treated, the skin is injured at an average of 15,000 points and stimulated with radiofrequency. At these 15,000 points, the cell regeneration process, called fibroblast activation, is initiated.


It is based on the principle of using laser energy to create micro-columns of desired depth and intensity on the skin. It destroys the damaged cells in a controlled way, causing thousands of destruction points in the application area. The healing mechanisms are activated. So, with the formation of new cells, an improvement in elasticity can be achieved.


Carbon peeling is a skin rejuvenation treatment performed with the use of lasers and carbon masks that have a pulse rate of one millionth of a second.

The coincidence of laser energy and carbon mask helps to remove the top dead skin layer by vaporizing it together with carbon through sudden heating. In addition, the photoactivation effect of the laser is also used, which provides cell regeneration. This contributes to the development of skin elasticity by stimulating the production of collagen in the skin.

The photoactivation effect reduces the loss of elasticity.

10. FOCUS ULTRASOUND (ultherapy)

Focus Utrasound or Ultherapy, a non-surgical method of skin tightening, aims to treat the loosening and sagging of the skin caused by time and gravity. Ultherapy focuses sound waves at a depth of 1.5-3-4.5 mm in the skin. It helps to strengthen the subcutaneous connective tissue by causing heat damage to the skin through the waves sent under the skin.


PLASMA ENERGY SYSTEMS are devices used to treat various skin lesions, tighten tissues without surgery, and reduce deep lines and wrinkles. Plasma is the fourth state of matter.
It acts by transforming the gaseous nitrogen and water vapor in the environment of application into a plasma with high energy. A small electric arc is generated in the area of application without damaging heat transfer to the surrounding tissue outside the area of application. Energy transfer takes place in the area where it acts on the skin. Thanks to the different tips, the plasma energy can also act on the skin layers without damaging the skin surface, or it can provide vaporization in the top layer of the skin.


It can be used to eliminate problems such as Upper-lower eyelid wrinkles and elasticity problems, crow's feet wrinkles around the eyes, lines and wrinkles on the upper lip, wrinkles in the front of the ear, acne, swollen lesions, skin spots such as seborrheic keratosis, warts, nevi, wounds or surgical incision scars, dermatocysts.



It is a non-surgical method that can be used in cases where facial aesthetic surgery is not an option, to eliminate facial sagging, to create resistance to gravity, to increase skin elasticity and compensate for facial volume loss.
For this purpose, various threads can be used:

12.1. PDO thread (Polydioxanone – Thread Lift)

These are threads that melt under the skin in 30 days and 8 months, depending on the type, triggering collagen activation. Thinner and shorter threads are inserted into the skin using needles in a variety of ways. The goal is to improve skin quality. PDO threads, which are thicker and longer and are notched into various structures, can also be used for sagging problems on the face.

12.2. Silicone thread (French Lift)

These are threads made of silicone material that do not melt in the tissue and provide adhesion to the skin due to the protruding structures on them. They do not cause collagen activation in the skin. These threads can be used for lifting in case of slight sagging.


Stem cell applications are performed to improve skin quality in cases where the desired point cannot be achieved with other procedures or when a faster result is desired.
The patient’s own blood, skin or fatty tissue is used to obtain stem cells. The doctor should assess and decide which procedure is most suitable depending on age, skin structure and deformities.